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Lake M and N Series Variable Area Flow Switch for Liquids and Gases

  • Fully Adjustable Alarm / Switch Setting
  • Simple on off technology
  • Unrestricted mounting
  • Displays flow as well as switch point

Fully adjustable single or dual switch points

The Lake monitors flow alarm has all the features of the liquid and pneumatic series but with the added benefit of either a single or dual switch point which is fully adjustable providing you with up to two flow switches.

The flow alarms are supplied prewired with Hirschmann plugs providing easy installation and maintenance. The switch contacts available are SPDT (dry contact), UL/CSA rating: 10 amps and 1/4 hp, 25 or 250 VAC. 1/2 amp, 125 VDC; 1/4 amp, 250 VDC;3 amps, 125 VAC “L” (lamp load).

As with the liquid and pneumatic series mounting selection is not compromised as the magnetically coupled indicator and piston is held in position by a calibrated spring.

Lake monitors flow alarms are suitable for fluids and gasses

Depending on model maximum operating pressures of 414 bar are achievable with flow rates of up to 560 Litres per Minute (LPM). As you would expect there are several material options, Brass, Aluminium and 303 Stainless steel. Thread options include BSP, SAE and NPT. Connection sizes are available in ¼”, 3/8”, ½”, ¾”, 1”, 1 ¼”, 1 ½” and 2”. Seal options include Buna-N® EPR, FKM or FFKM.

Each meter is individually calibrated to meet an accuracy of +/-2.5% of full scale. Additional options include bespoke scales and NIST calibration certification if required.

Model numbers

  • M4B-6WV-30
  • M3A-4AT-05
  • M3A-4HT-15
  • M3A-6HA-05
  • M3A-6HG-10
  • M3A-6HT-02
  • M3A-6HT-05
  • M3A-6HT-05
  • M3A-6HT-10
  • M3A-6HT-15
  • M3A-6WT-05
  • M3B-6WB-05
  • M3B-6WR-05
  • M3B-6WT-02
  • M3B-6WT-05


The Lake M and N Series Variable Area Flow Switch for Liquids and Gases is widely used in the following industries:

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