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PCT Flow provide a wide range of water meters that include hot and cold water propeller meter installations and a range of line sizes from DN15 all the way up to DN300. The cold water propeller meter can be used up to temperatures of 30°c whereas for a hot water propeller meter, this can be used for temperatures of up to 130°c.

If you require a water meter for the lines sizes of DN15 and DN20, then these are really small in comparison. These would require only a single jet smart mater and a rating of 30°c for the cold water meter and a temperature rating of 90°c for the hot water meter. However, for the large threaded water meter, a single jet master can be used with models that have a line size of DN25, DN32 and DN40.

Our water meters are very useful in ensuring the flow of water whilst sustaining a low loss of pressure, they are also very easy to assemble in waterworks installations. Their paint coat is anticorrosive which makes the product long lasting and durable, which adds to value for money as if you purchase a water meter you won’t have to be replacing it any time soon!

With our range of single jet cold water meters and hot water meters, you will be guaranteed that water consumption will be measured thoroughly and precisely. This product also allows for installation in either a horizontal or vertical position so it can fit in challenging environments.

If what you have heard so far has you interested in our range of water meters, then check out our range of products below.