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Hot Water Propeller Meter

Hot Water Propeller Meter

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  • MID approved hot water meter
  • For use up to 130 °C
  • Horizontal and vertical installations
  • For line sizes DN40 to DN300

The Nubis is a Woltman’s type propeller, dry water meter with horizontal impeller axle for use with hot water.

The hot water meter is for use up to temperatures of 130 °c and the design of the meter means it can be mounted in horizontal and vertical water supply systems.

Standard hot water mechanical meters are suitable for remote readings in AMR system, with a NK Reed Switch pulse transmitter or optoelectronic impulse transmitter.

The Nubis hot water propeller meter is available for line sizes from DN40 up to DN300, covering flow rates from 25 metres cubed per hour (m3/hr) up to 1600 m3/hr. All meters have a flanged connection to PN16.

Other features

  • Resistant to the external magnetic field, according to EN14154-3
  • Working Pressure 0.3 - 16bar
  • Accuracy up to +/-2% dependant on model
  • Conformity with the standards ISO4064, BS5728, ISO/DIS-10385.