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Hot Water Single Jet Smart Meter

Hot Water Single Jet Smart Meter

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  • MID approved hot water meter
  • Horizontal and vertical installations
  • 360° counter rotation

The Smart C+ is a mechanical single jet vane wheel water meter for use with hot water applications, up to a maximum temperate of 90 °c.
The rotating counter allows for easy reading of the indicators and allows for horizontal and vertical meter installations.

The mechanical hot water meter has been designed on the basis of the MID directive with the indicating range corresponding the value of R=160 (former C Class).

The Smart C+ hot water meter is resistant to external magnetic fields and has the option for a radio module which allows for remote reading of the recorded value.

The Smart C+ vane wheel hot water meter is available for 15mm and 20mm diameter pipes and is available with flow rates of 1.6, 2.5 and 4 cubic metres per hour (m3/hr)

Other features

  • Working Pressure - 16bar
  • Accuracy - Qmax +/-2% / Qt-Qmin +/-5%
  • MID Approved
  • IP65 protection