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CS Instruments DP 500 / DP 510 Portable dew point meter

  • Mobile dew point metering with data logger
  • 3.5" touch screen
  • Precise dew point measurement down to -80 °Ctd

CS Instruments DP 500 or DP 510 is a handheld mobile dew point meter with integrated data logger.

The mobile dew point meter can be used with an extensive range of compressed air systems including the examination of the refrigeration system, membrane or absorption dryers. It can also be used with other gases such as nitrogen or oxygen for residual moisture measurement.

Integrated display with data logger

The 3.5” touch screen is easy to operate and can store up to 100 million measured values within the onboard data logger. Data from the sensor can be processed on the device and displayed visually via a local graph.
Screen shots can be taken on the device of logged data to see instant trends, or the data can be downloaded to the dedicated CS instruments desktop software for in depth data analysis.


DP 500 comes in a kit form which includes all the necessary accessories to allow for portable dew point measurement. This includes the DP 500 portable dew point meter, a mobile measuring chamber (for pressures up to 16 bar) a PTFE hose with quick coupling which is 1 meter in length. Also included is a control and calibration set to 11.5% RH, a quick lock coupling, a dry contained for the dew point sensor as well as a battery charger and transportation case.

DP 510 builds on this kit to also include a DP 510 portable dew point meter which also allows one additional input for external sensors such as temperature proves, pressure sensors, etc.


  • Plastics industry: Examination of granulate dryers

Other features

  • Option: “Mathematics calculation function“ for 4 freely selectable channels, (virtual channels): addition, subtraction, division, multiplication
  • Option: Totaliser function for analogue signals
  • Option to purchas CS Basic – data evaluation graphically and in table form - reading of the measured data via USB or Ethernet, licence for 2 workstations
  • Optional precision calibration at -40 °Ctd or 3 °Ctd with ISO certificate
  • Optional additional calibration point freely selectable in the range between -80...+20 °Ctd
  • Optional measuring chamber for atmospheric dew point
  • Optional measuring chamber for granulate dryers with minimum overpressure
  • Optional high pressure version up to 350 bar

Model numbers

  • 0600 0500
  • 0600 0510


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