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CS Instruments DS 52 Dew Point Measurement

  • Complete dew point measuring system complete with optional alarm
  • 4 - 20 mA output with dual alarms

DS 52 from CS Instruments is a complete dew point measuring system which is plug and play as everything is pre-wired and configured to go straight into your process.

DS 52 consists of the FA 510 dew point sensor complete with a standard measuring chamber. The signal from the sensor is then fed into a wall mounted housing which features a local display, 4 – 20 mA output and dual alarm outputs. One of the outputs can be optionally configured to feature a audible and flashing buzzer so that it can be seen the system is in alarm state.

Different versions of the DS 52 exist for either refrigeration or adsorption dryers.

Refrigeration dryers

For refrigeration dryers the working temperature range is -20 to +50 °Ctd

Adsorption dryers

For adsorption dryers the temperature range is -80 to +20 °Ctd.

Accuracy of the sensor is stated as ± 1 °C at +50…-20 °Ctd, ± 2 °C at -20…-50 °Ctd and ± 3 °C at -50…-80 °Ctd.

The standard measuring chamber is suitable for process conditions up to 16 bar.

Other features

  • Precision calibration at -40 °Ctd incl. ISO certificate optional
  • Additional calibration point freely selectable
  • 24 VDC, 110 or 230 VAC power supply options available.

Model numbers

  • 0600 5100
  • 0600 5120

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