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CS Instruments FA 505 OEM Dew Point Sensor

  • Compact design for OEM applications
  • Condensation insensitive
  • Quick response time

The FA 505 OEM dew point sensor from CS Instruments has been designed for OEM applications, featuring a smaller compacted design suitable for installations with limited space within drying systems.

The design of the sensor means that it is insensitive to condensation and offers quick response times whilst offering long term sensor stability.

FA 505 has been designed for use across a working temperature range of -80 °c to + 20 °c with a working pressure range of -1 to +50 bar.

Devices are available with either a 4 – 20 mA output for dew point or the Modbus-RTU (RS 485) digital communications protocol.

Other features

  • 1/2" BSPP process connection
  • M8, 4 pin electrical connection
  • IP65 rating

Model numbers

  • 0699 0505


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