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Dew point

Our range of Dew Point measurement devices are suitable for a wide variety of processes and applications.

The range covers general dew point measurement for all kinds of driers and extends to harsh or industrial environments as well as portable applications. Most devices are suitable for a wide range of gases such as compressed air, oxygen, nitrogen and argon.

Output data

Devices can output a wide range of data over ditial communications from the sensor including:

  • Pressure dew point [°Ctd.]
  • Temperature [°C]
  • Rel. humidity [% RH]
  • Abs. humidity [g/m³]
  • Degree of humidity [g/kg]
  • Moisture content V/V [ppmV/V]
  • Partial vapour pressure [hPa]
  • Atmospheric dew point [°Ctd.atm]

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