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Pressure products to satisfy a range of applications

Our comprehensive range of pressure products spans mechanical pressure switches to electronic pressure control. Alicat pressure products include standard pressure transducers and more advanced pressure controllers for use with your standard, vacuum, differential, closed loop and closed volume pressure applications. Dual valve pressure controllers are able to vent pressure within your process to offer no overshoot of system pressure.

Drastar's single and two-stage pressure regulation offers both high and low pressure processes covering a wide range of flow rates.

Barksdale pressure switches come in both electronic and mechanical form and allow for switched outputs up to 1200 bar. They are for use in both safe area and hazardous area environments with SIL2 ratings available where required.

Our range of pressure transducers and transmitters cover many different industries, from OEM applications to high-end food and pharmaceutical applications. We offer many process connections, diaphragm seals and a complete range of analogue output signals and digital communications should your application require it.

Mechanical pressure gauges come in many shapes and sizes and we can build to your specification.

Our range of Back pressure regulators from Equilibar offer a variety of applications which include vacuum, industrial, high temperature, sanitary, general use as well as for research and development.

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