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Vacuum EVR Series

  • 5 x More precise than standard regulators
  • High Flow Vacuum Regulating
  • Available in 1/4" to 4" sizes
  • Metallic and polymer materials of construction
  • Fast, stable control
  • Centralised vacuum distribution

Regulate Vacuum with Very High Resolution using the EVR Series

Equilibar precision vacuum regulators are designed specifically to control a highly stable inlet pressure across widely varying input conditions. These regulators show very little effect from either variation in supply vacuum or changes in flow rate. Equilibar precision vacuum regulators work differently than traditional vacuum control valve designs. The Equilibar uses a flexible diaphragm as the only moving part. This diaphragm is used to directly seal against the internal valve orifices. This eliminates the “stiction” commonly found in traditional vacuum control valves that rely on dynamic o-ring or wiper type seals. The friction caused by these seals prevents the regulator from making tiny adjustments. The Equilibar design is frictionless and can control vacuum with very high resolution.

Vacuum Control Valves for High Flow Rates

Our precision vacuum regulators are machined from premium stainless steel 316/316L dual certified bar stock. They may also be machined from PVC, CPVC, PVDF, and PTFE materials for reduced cost, lighter weight, or improved chemical resistance. The precision vacuum regulator is delivered with a small set-point regulator on top for convenient knob adjustment. Sizes range from 1/4" up to 1".

Equilibar high flow vacuum regulating valves offer unique performance advantages for pipe sizes up to 4" in size. The patented technology employed ensures extremely fast and stable response that is mechanically native, with zero hysteresis or deadband.

PVC is our most popular body material for air applications, whilst 316L Stainless Steel is available for chemical applications. Most vacuum regulators are engineered with FKM Viton diaphragms although PTFE is also available for highly aggressive chemical applications.


Common process applications and industrial uses include:

  • Centralised vacuum distribution
  • Remote sense vacuum pilot for improved control
  • Extrusion control

EVR Series used in Vacuum Distillation

The process used to lower the pressure above a liquid to less than its vapour pressure is called Vacuum Distillation. This allows the most volatile liquids within a mixture to be selectively boiled off and distilled. This is particularly useful if the temperatures required for a fluid to boil at atmospheric pressures would be hot enough to damage sensitive molecules through polymerization or by thermal cracking. Precisely controlling the vacuum pressure is critical in many processes because the mixture being distilled may contain several liquids with hardly any variation in between their boiling points. Highly accurate control of the vacuum ensures much higher selectivity in the distillation process whereby each of the individual components within the liquid can be precisely targeted.

The Equilibar EVR controls vacuum pressure to this level of accuracy and is even able to hold the vacuum at the required set point regardless of fluctuations in the system flow rate or variations in the supply vacuum pressure. The EVR can achieve this because it uses innovative direct diaphragm sealing technology with just a responsive flexible diaphragm as the only internal moving part. The diaphragm is nearly frictionless in its movement and does not have accuracy-robbing hysteresis and “stiction” (static friction) like traditional ball, gate, or butterfly vacuum regulating valves. The diaphragm has very low mass and will respond to changes in system flow rate within milliseconds.

Other features

Vacuum Regulator for Industrial Pressure Control Applications

Overcome the problems from using Vacuum breakers with a Equilibar EVR, this back pressure regulator will hold the vacuum at setpoint regardless of changes in the system flow rate or changes in local atmospheric pressure. For more information reach out to one of our experienced engineers through our contact page.


The Vacuum EVR Series is widely used in the following industries:

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