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Alicat EPCD OEM Electronic Pressure Controller Dual Valve


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The Alicat EPCD or dual valve electronic pressure controller has been designed specifically for original equipment manufacturer (OEM) products and applications.

EPCDs have two proportional control valves to precisely control the pressure of gases within closed or dead-ended volumes.

EPCD delivers highly accurate and fast, droop-free closed-loop pressure control.

The EPC OEM range from Alicat has a wide operating range (Turndown ratio) of 200:1 with a full-scale calibration accuracy of +/- 0.125% of the range of the controller. Absolute pressure ranges (referenced to vacuum) are available with a maximum of 0-300 psia or a minimum 0-15 psia.

Gauge pressure ranges (referenced to atmosphere) are available with a maximum 0*-300 psig or a minimum of 0*-2 inH2Og.

Repeatability is 0.05% of the full-scale range, EPC has a typical control response time constant of 100 ms (dependent upon line sizing and the volumes and pressures involved). There is no warm-up time required.

*Negative gauge pressure readings (to -15 psig) can also be included in gauge ranges.

Model numbers

  • EPCD-1PSIG-0/10P,10IN,GAS:
  • EPCD-1PSIG-D/5P, 5IN
  • EPCD-30PSIG-D/5P, 5IN
  • EPCD-5PSIG-0/10P,10IN,GAS: