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Drastar 085 Series

  • Inlet and control pressure up to 700 bar
  • High flow cV = 0.2 option
  • Designed for hydraulic applications

Pressure Reducing Regulator for High Pressure Applications

The 085 series from Drastar is a pressure reducing regulator designed for high pressure applications, such as hydraulic oil applications.

The body is all 316L stainless steel or optional Duplex stainless steel is available, the 085 series benefits from Drastar’s extended life span by adopting a piston diaphragm design.

Inlet and Outlet pressures

Within the 085 series, the maximum inlet pressure can either be 420 bar or 700 bar (6000, 10000 PSI).

Controlled outlet pressure ranges are either 70bar, 150bar, 250bar, 350bar, 500bar or 700bar.

Port sizes

085 series is available with either 2 or 4 ports with either ¼”, 3/8” or ½” NPT threaded connections.

Standard cV value of 0.06 with optional high flow offering a cV value of 0.2.

Drastar’s regulators are oil-free, with all pressure regulators being assembled, cleaned, inspected, and packed in clean-rooms equipped with clean bench, helium detector, particle counter, ultrasonic cleaner, ultrapure water system and vacuum packaging machine.

Key specifications

TypeHydraulic and Gas High Pressure - Pressure Regulator
Maximum Inlet Pressure10,000 psi (700 Bar)
Maximum Outlet Pressure10,000 psi (700 Bar)
Cv Options0.06
Sensing TypePiston
Port Sizes1/4", 3/8", 1/2"
Port TypeNPT threaded
ApplicationHydraulic Gas and Liquid


  • Hydraulics

Other features

  • Optional self venting
  • Higher temperature options of 120C, 250C
  • Design proof pressure to 150% of maximum rating
  • Duplex S32750 material options

Model numbers

  • 085-AS-070A-1S-V
  • 085-BS-500C-2O-V-H2
  • 085-xS-070x-1S-V
  • 085-xS-150x-1S-V
  • 085-xS-250x-1S-V
  • 085-xS-350x-1S-V
  • 085-xS-500x-1S-V
  • 085-xS-700x-1S-V
  • 085-xS-000x-1S-H1
  • 085-xS-000x-1S-H2


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