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Drastar DR70 Series

  • ½”, ¾” or 1” NPT or BSP available
  • Drop-preventing function is built in
  • Suitable for industrial applications
  • Inlet pressures of 420 or 100 bar, outlet pressures from 10 bar up to 350 bar

Single-stage High Flow Pressure Reducing Regulator

The DR70 series is a single stage high flow pressure reducing regulator, available in either NPT or BSP thread with ½”, ¾” or 1” sizes.

DR70 is suitable for pipeline applications where high flow of water, chemicals, liquids or gases are being used.

The drop-preventing design ensures stable and precise regulation of outlet (P2) pressure even with a wide pressure variance at the inlet (P1).

DR70 series can be used with an inlet pressure of 420 bar (6000psi) or 100 bar (1450psi).

Full scale outlet pressures available are:

  • 10 bar (145psi)
  • 25 bar (362psi)
  • 50 bar (725psi)
  • 70 bar (1000psi)
  • 150 bar (2100psi)
  • 250 bar (3600psi)
  • 350 bar (5000psi)

DR70 can be controlled either via a knob or a bolt.

Body materials are available in either brass or 316L stainless steel with either Teflon or Vespel valve seat materials.

Key specifications

TypeHigh Flow, High Pressure - Pressure Reducing Regulator
Maximum Inlet Pressure6000 psi (420 Bar)
Maximum Outlet Pressure5000 psi (350 Bar)
Cv Options3.5
Sensing TypePiston
Port Sizes1/2", 3/4", 1"
Port TypeNPT or BSP threaded
ApplicationGas and Liquid

Data sheets and manuals

Other features

  • Cv = 3.5
  • Self venting option
  • Higher temperature options of 120C, 250C or 320C
  • Panel mounting with a wall mounting bracket available as option
  • Design proof pressure to 150% of pressure range

Model numbers

  • DR701-SP-010-NP1
  • DR702-SHV-350-BS3-V-H2


The Drastar DR70 Series is widely used in the following industries:

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