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CS Instruments CS 10 CS 16 Pressure Transmitter

  • Measuring range of between 0 and 16 bar.
  • Highly accurate with ≤±1% of span accuracy.
  • Able to operate in temperatures between 0 and 80°C.

The CS10/16 pressure transmitter monitors the pressure between a range of 0 to 10 and 0 to 16 bar. The sensor has a 32 bar over pressure limit and has a temperature operating range of between 0 and 80°C.

The housing of the sensor is manufactured using 316L as well as the wetted parts inside the pressure sensor. It has been given an ingress protection rating of IP65 with NBR sealing.

Highly accurate measurements of ≤±1% of full scale with the optional increased accuracy of 0.5% of full scale. The output signal given by the sensor is 4-20mA, 2 wire device while a power supply of 8-30 VDC is needed.

When used in a compressed air system, the pressure sensor can measure the pressure profile and pressure drop to prevent energy wastage. By minimising pressure drop over the course of the filtration system it can allow for a lower pressure setting on the compressor reducing energy costs.

Model numbers

  • 0694 3555
  • 0694 3930
  • 0694 3550
  • 0694 3554
  • 0694 3557
  • 0694 3558
  • 0694 3559
  • 0694 3553

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