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CS Instruments Differential Pressure Probe

  • Provides analysis of how effective the filter elements in a compressed air system are.
  • Regulates pressure drop preventing energy wastage.
  • Operates in a system pressure of up to 10 bar.

The differential pressure probe is designed to measure filter performance by testing the pressure drop off before and after the filter. Capable of having a maximum system pressure of 10 bar the drop off can be measured up to 1.6 bar.

An accuracy of 2% of full scale provides precise measurements to provide data for when the filter is becoming soiled leading to a decrease in the air quality within the system. The probe can operate in ambient temperatures between –20 and 80°C.

When used in a system for compressed air, it can increase the efficiency of the system by helping to reduce pressure drop off which will reduce the wasted energy and reduce costs. This will also allow the filters to be replaced when needed to achieve maximum filter performance.

Model numbers

  • 0694 3561
  • 0553 0108


The CS Instruments Differential Pressure Probe is widely used in the following industries:

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