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Data Track T211 Universal Input Panel Meter

  • Universal temperature input panel indicator
  • Single alarm relay as standard
  • Multiple output options

The T211 series is a universal temperature input panel meter, accepting thermocouple (Types J, K, T, N, S & R), resistance thermometers as well as current and voltage inputs (±20mA, ±100mV, ±10V DC).

The T211 can either be powered via a 90 – 256 VAC supply or a 10 – 32 VDC / VAC supply. It can also be supplied without front push buttons so no user configuration can take place.

Display colours are available in either red or green, with the 211 Series featuring a 4 digit LED display.

The T211 series process display features Isolated 24V DC/10V DC sensor excitation supply.

Other features

Optional outputs include

  • Two Alarm Relays
  • Three Alarm Relays
  • Analogue Output (1 Relay Fitted as Standard)
  • Analogue Output + 1 Alarm relay (2 relays in total)
  • Analogue Output + 2 Alarm relay (3 relays in total)
Data Track T211 Universal Input Panel MeterData Track T211 Universal Input Panel Meter Front

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