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Status DM3430 Panel Meter

  • Up To 550V AC or DC Voltage Input
  • Up To 6A AC or DC Current Input
  • Galvanically Isolated Input
  • 96 x 48mm 1/8 DIN Mounting

The DM3430 is a true RMS volt and current process indicator which accepts a high voltage or current input.
Current inputs are up to +/- 6 Amps AC or DC whilst voltage inputs at up to +/- 550 Volts AC or DC.

The display is fully programmable via the push button interface and offers a 4 digit 14.2mm red LED display.

The DM 3430 is available with either a 20 - 35 VDC or 90 - 253 VAC power supply.

Other features

Three output options are available these include:

  • 2 x relay, 250 VAC @ 5A
  • Active or passive mA current
  • RS485 Modbus communications
Status DM3430 Panel Meter

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