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Status DM4500U Panel Meter

Status DM4500U Panel Meter
  • Suitable For Load Cell, Temperature and Process Signals
  • Multi-Colour 5 Digit Display
  • 96 x 48mm 1/8 DIN Mounting

The Status DM4500U is an ideal panel meter for load cell, temperature and process input signals. It offers Pt100, thermocouple (Types K, J and T), active or passive mA current, +/- 10 VDC as well as remote digital inputs.

The display is fully programmable via the push button interface and offers a 5 digit 14.2mm multi-colour LED display (The display can be programmed to read in three different colours and two levels of brightness. Red, Green and Orange).

The DM 4500U is available with either a 10.5 to 70 VDC / 22 – 53 VAC or 85 - 265 VAC / 100 - 300 VDC power supply.

It offers full user non-linear and linearisation.

All functions are programmable via the integral front panel keys or via the optional RS485 serial communications port using the Modbus protocol.

Other features

Multiple output options are available these include:

  • 2 x relay, 250 VAC @ 8A
  • 4 x relay, 250 VAC @ 5A
  • Active or passive mA current
  • RS485 Modbus communications
  • NPN / PNP logic option
  • Voltage Option
Status DM4500U Panel Meter

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