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Introducing our Aseptic liquid filling systems

Aseptic liquid filling systems from Longer are ideal for liquid filling within GMP regulated industries.

The PFU filling system is an ideal benchtop filling system operating as a stand alone single channel device.

The PFS filling system is better for larger semi-automatic or fully automated systems and offers four channels.

Both PFU and PFS can be controlled with the optional PFC touch screen controller. When the PFC controller is used with the PFS it maybe used with up to 8 PFS filling systems to allow up to 32 channels.

PFU and PFS are also fully controbale via RS485 over the Modbus RTU protocol. PFS has the option of Ethernet TCP/IP control.

PFU and PFS are compatible with Longers PFH01 and PFH02 precise filling pump heads to highly accurate microlitre and millilitre filling and dosing.

Useful How To and operational videos

A demo of the dPOFLEX PFU PFS Peristaltic Pump Filling System.

How to operate the multiple cascading controls.

How to calibrate the dPOFLEX PFUPFS with a Balance.

Filling Accuracy Better than ±1% Test.

A demo of the dPOFLEX PFU multichannel filling system, each channel with individual parameters.

How to setup the multichannel filling system.

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