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Micro Gear Pump

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Longer pumps range of Micro Gear pumps are ideal for lab use, offering a brushless motor design with a stainless steel pump head.

Optional features allow the micro gear pump range to offer volume dispensing, copy numbers, pause time and calibration times. Speed output from the pump is also optionally available as well as pump start or stop status.

Flow rates for the micro gear pumps allow fluids to be dispensed from 86 mL/minute up to 2500 mL/minute. Fluids can be dispensed with particles present as long as they are less than 10 micron. Fluids up to 200 cSt in viscosity can also be pumped.


Mirco Gear Pump - Working Principle

A micro gear pump uses the meshing of gears to pump fluid by displacement. They are typically used for hydraulic fluid power applications.

A magnetic drive contains an inner magnet embodied in the pump head and connected to the driving gear, and an outer magnet connected to the motor shaft. The pole-to-pole alignment of the two magnets provides the driving motion to the pump head.

Useful 'How To' videos

How to mount the Micro Gear Pump Head.

The Longer Advantage, Micro Gear Pumps

Completely sealed pump chamber

The magnetically coupled pump head provides a completely sealed pump chamber which is capable of handling a wide range of corrosive liquids with a high degree of safety.

Maintenance free

Maintenance-free pump drive with only a few wearing parts (gears, seals)

Pulseless delivery

Pulseless delivery.

Highly accurate

Highly accurate dispenser with dispensing volume calibration.

Large range of controls

Multi-control modes: keypad control, external signal control and communication control (RS-485) are available.

High differential pressures

High differential pressures up to 14 bar.

Typical applications for Longer, Micro Gear Pumps

  • Chemical production
  • Life Sciences
  • Liquid chromatography
  • Water treatment
  • Sampling
  • Food processing
  • Ink printing system

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