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Longer WT3000 series of Micro Gear Pump

wt3000-1fb.jpg wt3000-1jb.jpg wt3000-1fa.jpg wt3000-1ja.jpg
  • Ideal for lab applications
  • Brushless motor with stainless steel pump head

The WT3000 series of micro gear pump from Longer pumps is ideal for more demanding fluids.

The pump can be used with both viscous fluids (up to 200 cSt) or fluids containing particles up to ten micron in size.

All pumps within the range operate between 300 – 3000 RPM with a 1 RPM resolution. Optional features allow for dispensing volumes to be configured (0.1 ml – 999 L), a programme pause time between dispensing (1s – 999 hr) as well as a calibration time (30s – 1800s).

All pumps allow for a speed input signal from an analogue input such as a 4 – 20 mA, 0 – 5 VDC or 0 – 10 VDC or frequency input up to 10 kHz.

Optional features also allow for a frequency speed output as well as pump start / stop status.

Other features

  • Temperature range is 0 - 40C
  • IP31 rating
  • AC power supplies
  • All models have the RS485 communication protocol

Model numbers

  • WT3000-1JA
  • WT3000-1FA
  • WT3000-1FB-A
  • WT3000-1FB-B
  • WT3000-1JB-A
  • WT3000-1JB-B
wt3000-1fb.jpg wt3000-1jb.jpg wt3000-1fa.jpg wt3000-1ja.jpg

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