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Longer L500 Brushless DC Motor OEM Pump

  • Operates between 50 and 500rpm
  • Can be fitted to a wide range of pump heads
  • Able to generate flow rates up to 2500 ml/min

The L500 Brushless DC motor series peristaltic pump is a DC motor that has been designed with an inbuilt controller to increase durability and to operate at a minimal noise level.

Operating temperature should be between 0 and 40°C.

This OEM pump is capable of producing flow rates of up to 2500ml/min and can be used to power a maximum of 4 channels.

Motor speed is easy to control via either a 0 - 4 VDC analogue signal or by a potentiometer with direction and braking being controlled with an external switch.

Either a 12VDC / 80W or a 24VDC / 80W power supply is needed for the motor and it can be installed with a soleplate or within a panel installation.

Data sheets and manuals

Model numbers

  • L500E-B012C-1 (05.71.100)
  • L500I-B012C-1 (05.71.101)
  • L500E-B024C-1 (05.71.102)
  • L500I-B024C-1 (05.71.103)
  • L500E-B012C-2 (05.71.104)
  • L500I-B012C-2 (05.71.105)
  • L500E-B024C-2 (05.71.106)
  • L500I-B024C-2 (05.71.107)


The Longer L500 Brushless DC Motor OEM Pump is widely used in the following industries:

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