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PCT is a Basic, Industrial and OEM Peristaltic pumps supplier in the UK. Fluid handling & transfer. Precise speed control, Flow rate calibration & Dispensing function.

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Peristaltic Pumps - The Working Principle and Configuration

Premier Control Technologies is a leading supplier of Peristaltic Pumps for sale in the UK.

What is a Peristaltic Pump and How does it work?

Peristaltic Pump - Working Principle

Peristaltic pumps work by using a flexible tube or hose which is connected to a pump head. The pump head contains a rotating roller which passes along the length of the hose allowing a temporary seal to be created between the suction and discharge side of the pump.

Peristaltic pump animation

When the pumps rotor turns the sealing pressure moves along the tube or hose forcing the pumped fluid to move away from the pump and into the discharge line. Where the pressure has been released the hose or tube recovers creating a vacuum, which draws the product into the suction side of the pump, the priming mechanism. Combining these suction and discharge principles results in a powerful self-priming positive displacement action. This action of alternating compression and relaxion of the tube is called peristalsis.

What is the configuration of a Peristaltic Pump?

Peristaltic Pump Configuration

Configuring your peristaltic pump involves selection of the peristaltic pump drive, pump head and tubing. The peristaltic pump drive allows the user to select the appropriate drive unit for the application, allowing for a simple dispense or fully automated dispensing of a fluid.

Selection of the pump head is dependent on compatibility with the peristaltic pump itself. Various pumps heads exist, dependant on use with the peristaltic pump as well as number of channels and desired delivery rates for the application.

Pump tubing is also dependant on compatibility with each pump head. Various tubing sizes exist which offer different internal bore sizes. The bore sizes will allow for varying flow rates against pump RPM when used with the compatible pump head. BioSilicone tubing material also exists for specific applications which require certification to USP Class VI, FDA regulation 21 CFR 177.2600 and NSF 51.

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What are the advantages of using Peristaltic Pumps?

Non contacting

The pump does not come into contact with the fluid, the fluid passes only through the pump silicone tubing. This offers great liquid compatibility, as well as maintaining the sterility of the fluid and the pump.


Peristaltic pumps can draw fluid into the tubing when starting dry. This requires a user to fill pump and suction lines with fluid before use which can be inconvenient and also create potential for hazardous spills or contamination.

Highly configurable

Many tubes exist in many different sizes and materials. This allows for a large range or flow rates as well as good compatibility with lots of fluid.

Gentle pumping action (low shear)

Makes a peristaltic pump ideal for handling cells and large proteins, as the pumping action will not damage the content.

Variable speed

Available on some peristaltic pumps, ideal for dosing applications and dispensing applications.


Peristaltic pumps prevent back flow into the system thus increasing accuracy during dispensing.

Why does the Longer brand in Peristaltic Pumps have the advantage?

No contamination

  • Fluid only contacts the bore of the tubing
  • Fluid does not contaminate the pump
  • The pump does not contaminate the fluid

No backflow or siphoning

  • The pump effectively seals the tubing when it is inactive
  • No valves are needed

Excellent suction

  • Self-priming up to 9 meters
    Self-priming up to 9 meters

Low-shear pumping

  • Suitable for shear-sensitive substances, especially biological fluids, such as proteins and bacteria
  • Suitable for use with abrasive fluids containing particles

High accuracy metering

  • Better than ±2% for general fluid transfer applications

Low maintenance

  • No valves, seals or glands to clog or wear
  • Tubing is the only consumable part, which can be easily changed

Reputable suppliers of Peristaltic Pumps in the UK

  • At PCT we are leading UK suppliers of Peristaltic Pump Drives, Pump Heads, Tubing and Tubing Assemblies. We have extensive experience and knowledge within this industry, so you can be rest assured.

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