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Longer BQ50-1J Basic Peristaltic Pump

  • Compact size pump
  • Hand-held controller
  • ideal for embedded or rack-mounting applications

The BQ50-1J basic peristaltic pump from Longer Pumps is ideal when a compact size, small form factor pump is required.
The BQ50-1J is suited to supplications which require an embedded or rack mounted pump. It is mainly used in laboratorial applications.

The hand-held controller is used to control the pump speed from 1 RPM up to 50 RPM with increments of 0.1 RPM where required. The hand-held controller is able to display the current speed of the pump as well as the running status.

The pump can also accept external control modules to control the pump direction, speed control as well as on / off status.
Analogue set-points can also be input via external control modules to include signals such as 4-20mA, 0-5 VDC, 0-l0 VDC and 0-l0 kHz.

Optional accessories include a small V-base, pole and fixing plate for bench-top use.

Maximum flow rates are up to 20 mL/min but are dependant on the tubing used with the pump head.

Peristaltic pump BQ50-1J Basic Operation

Model numbers

  • BQ50-1J-A
  • BQ50-1J-B
  • BQ50-1J-C
  • BQ50-1J-D

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