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Longer BT300-1F Dispensing Peristaltic Pump

  • Ideal for laboratorial use
  • Dispensing volumes can be programmed directly to the pump head
  • Higher pump speed for flow rates up to 1500 mL/min per channel

The BT300-1F series of dispensing peristaltic pump from Longer pumps allows for a pre-determined volume for dispensing to be programmed via the local display and keypad.

The dispensing volume can be programmed from 0.01 mL up to 9.99 litres.
A copy number can be programmed to the dispense programme to allow for the total number of times the dispensing program should run (1 to 9999, with 0 being an unlimited cycle).
The user can then programme the pause time between each dispense (0.1s – 99.9 min) with a resolution of 0.1s.
If required a back suction time can also be programmed with a 0s – 99.9s response, with a resolution of 0.1s.

The BT300-1F dispensing pump is ideal for processes and applications which require a higher flow rate of delivery The pump is able to operate at speeds of up to 300 RPM, with speed control resolution to 1 RPM.

Dependant on the pump head model selected the pump can allow full scale flow rates up to 1500 ml/min.
When the DG series low flow multi-channel pump head is used the peristaltic pump can deliver two channels at a maximum flow rate of up to 900 mL/min per channel.

The pump can also be controlled via external signals such as 0- 5 VDC, 0 – 10 VDC, 4 – 20 mA or 0 – 10 kHz. The RS485 communication protocol can also control the pump.

Pump direction as well as start/stop status can be output via the OC gate signal.

Peristaltic pump BT300 1F Dispensing Demo

Model numbers

  • BT300-1F-A
  • BT300-1F-B
  • BT300-1F-C
  • BT300-1F-D

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