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Longer L300-1FS Intelligent Peristaltic Pump

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  • 3 Year Warranty
  • UKCA Compliant
  • Automatic identification of pump head and tubing
  • 7" Colour touchscreen display
  • Fully programmable and customisable
  • Max channels: 8

The 1FS series of intelligent peristaltic pumps from Longer pumps builds on the 1F series and adds automatic detection and identification of the pump head and tubing. This simplifies setup and operating of the pump. RFID tags on the pump head are read by the RFID reader on the pump for automatic configuration.

300 RPM model for medium flow rates.

The 7” colour touchscreen allows for easy setup and configuration of the pump. Programming fluid transfer can include constant speed, ramp up, ramp down, step up, step down and sine.

Programming for dispensing can include constant dispensing as well as incremental and decremental dispensing.

Further logic functions can be added for direction, delay, event trigger, external control output, pause, jam, loop and stop.

Many pump heads can be used to offer a wide range of flow rate requirements from as little as 0.15uL/min up to 1500 ml/min.. Multi-channel pump heads are also available for up to 12 channels.

Useful 'How To' videos

Intelligent Peristaltic Pump L100-1FS Dispensing Demo.

How to set Flowrate, Single Dispense, Cycles and Interval Time.

How to install and provision RS485 to the peristaltic pump.

How to operate 4-20mA External signal control with the peristaltic pum.

How to install and provision the Footswitch with the peristaltic pump.

How to use the Touchscreen Control Modes.

How to detect the pump head and tubing automatically.

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Longer L300-1FS Intelligent Peristaltic Pump

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Other features

  • Pump speed control available via 0-5 VDC, 0 – 10 VDC, 4 – 20 mA or 0 – 10 kHz input
  • Dispensing volume setting range: 0.00luL - 9999L
  • Dispensing time and interval time: 0.5s - 9000s
  • Dispensing cycle: 1 - 999999 (0 for unlimited)
  • Time in fluid transferring modules: 1s - 9000s (0s for continuous transfer without time limit)
  • Delay time setting range: 0.5s – 9000s
  • IP31 rating

Model numbers

  • L300-1FS-A
  • L300-1FS-B