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Longer WT600-3J Basic Peristaltic Pump

  • Mainly used in industrial applications.
  • Brushless motor, can drive up to four pump-heads
  • Stainless steel housing, IP55 rated

The Longer WT600-3J series of basic pump builds on the WT600-2J by offering a higher IP rating to IP55 due to the stainless steel housing

The WT600-3J can allow dual pump heads when using the KZ25 series of pump head.
Up to four pump heads maybe fitted per WT600-3J when using the YZ1515x, YZll15 or YZ2515x series of pump head

The WT600-3J allows for fully controllable pump speeds of up to 600 RPM in 1 RPM increments with a speed accuracy of ≤±1%.

Dependant on tubing used with the pump, flow rates can be achieved up to 6000 mL/min per pump head. As multiple pump heads are permitted, the WT600-2J is capable of delivering fluids up to 12000 mL / min into the process.

The local display and keypad allows for easy control of the pump, functions include speed increase and decrease as well as direction of flow.

External set point input can allow the pump to be controlled via analogue inputs such as 0- 5 VDC, 0 – 10 VDC, 4 – 20 mA or 0 – 10 kHz.

The RS485 communication protocol can also be utilised to control the pump.

Model numbers

  • WT600-3J-A
  • WT600-3J-B
  • WT600-3J-C
  • WT600-3J-D
  • WT600-3J-E
  • WT600-3J-F
  • WT600-3J-G
  • WT600-3J-H
  • WT600-3J-J
  • WT600-3J-K

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