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Radwag PS 200/2000.R2 Precision Balance

  • High accuracy with repeatability at 0.01g for 2000g or 0.001g for 200g models
  • Features an internal automatic adjustment system
  • LCD backlit display for clear and precise data representation

Radwag PS 200/2000.R2 Precision Balances are available with two difference pan sizes either 128mm x 128mm or the larger 195mm x 195mm. The housing is made from plastic with the pan being constructed from stainless steel.

Balance precision and measurement accuracy is assured by automatic internal adjustment which accounts for temperature changes and time flow.

Available with a maximum capacity of either 200 or 2000 grams. The minimum load for either model is 20 mg.

Stabilisation times are at 2 seconds for 200g models and 1.5 seconds for 2000g models.

RS 232 is a standard feature with the PS.R2 balances with two USB ports featuring both USB type A and B ports. Optional wireless communications are also available.

The measurement database within the R series of balances is based on five databases which allows for up to 10 users to work with several product databases.

Each user can select up to 1000 products each with up to 5000 weighments and up to 100 tares. ALIBI memory allows for up to a total of 100 000 measurements.

The interface allows for a range of outside connections to other devices such as a printer, flash drive and other displays. Two RS-232 interfaces come as standard with both a USB-A and USB-B interface also.

Operating temperature must be between +10 - +40°C and the balance features protection class to IP43.


The Radwag PS 200/2000.R2 Precision Balance is widely used in the following industries:

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