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Radwag PS 200/2000.X2 Precision Balance

  • Graphic 5" colour touchscreen for easy operation
  • Maximum weight of 2000g
  • Variety of applications such as parts counting, check weighing and dosing

The PS200/2000.X2 Precision Balance is designed for optimal user comfort and to provide a wide range of easy to use functions to suit an array of needs. 7 databases are used to store data from Users, Products, Weighments, Packaging, Formulas, Clients and the Alibi memory system which can store up to 512,000 measurements.

The PS200 X2 can measure to a maximum of 200g with a minimum load of 0.02g. It provides extremely accurate measurements with both repeatability and readability of 0.001g. Stabilisation takes 2 seconds with an automatic internal adjustment.

A maximum load of 2000g can be weighed on the PS2000 X2 and can also hold a minimum load of 0.02g. The readability and repeatability are both 0.01g with a shorter stabilisation time than the PS200 at 1.5s.

Power consumption of the scale is 4W and it has a variety of communication methods including USB-A, USB-B, 2xRS232, Wi-Fi and ethernet. It can operate in a temperature range of between -10°C and a maximum of 40°C with a protection class of IP43.

LavVIEW Drivers are readily available.


The Radwag PS 200/2000.X2 Precision Balance is widely used in the following industries:

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