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Longer Precision Pumps - 2023/24 Catalogue

You can download the full 2023-2024 Longer Catalogue here, if you have any enquiries please feel free to contact us.

The Longer Pumps, Pump Head Advantage

  • Longer peristaltic pump drive units can work with a variety of their pump heads.
  • Each pump head can accept several different tubing sizes.
  • This may result only in the need to change the pump head or tubing to achieve different flow rates within the application.

There are six main groups of Peristaltic pump heads offered by Longer Pumps:

Easy-load series

Allows for easy load and unloading of the tubing and can also accept several different tubing sizes to provide a wide range of flow rates. Models within the easy load series include:

How to load a peristaltic pump head on the drive

Quick-load series

Allows for Easy loading and unload of the tubing via a removable compression block. Models within the easy load series include:

Multi-channel series

Cartridge structure for synchronous multichannel pumping. The occlusion can be adjusted to accept several different tubing wall thicknesses.

Models within the multi-channel series include:

Standard series

Classic design, each pump head can only use a single size of tubing for stable flow rate.

Various flow rates can be achieved with the BZ15 & BZ25 standard pump head series of pump head for flow rates up to 3000 mL/min.

Flip-Type series

Compact structure, distinctive flip-type design for easy tubing loading.

The FG15 & FG25 flip-type pump head series offer the flip type loading as well as offering flow rates up to 2400 mL/min.

Tube loading Flip Type Peristaltic Pump Head

Low-Pulse series

Phase compensation structure and special tubing assembly for low pulse and high dispensing accuracy.

The DMD15 low-pulse pump head series is for low-pulse applications. Flow rates ≤ 2000mL/min.

Phase compensation structure Pump Head

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