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FMI Q0 Series Pump Head

  • Singular moving piston to reduce wear on the pump
  • Maximum pressure ratings of 100psig (6.9 bar)
  • Inert fluid path that is unaffected by most chemicals

The Q0 series of pump head from Fluid Metering Inc is designed for maximum accuracy and precision and for use in applications where these qualities are paramount. There is only a single moving part which helps to reduce wear and repair costs.

Dispense resolution

Dispense resolution is at minimum 0.004 ml/rev and can reach a maximum of 0.08 ml/rev.

Temperature and pressure ranges

Whilst operating the device, pressure should not be above 100psig (6.9 bar) and the fluid operating temperature is rated to a maximum of 60°C.


A range of fluids are compatible with the pump head due to the wetted materials used in construction. 316 stainless steel, carbon and ceramics are used in order to create a corrosion resistant fluid path.

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