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Longer BZ Series Standard Pump Head

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  • Stable flow rates
  • 5 flow options dependant on tube size

The Longer BZ series of pump head is the standard head for your peristaltic pump. The original design offers stable flow rates. Each pump head can accommodate a single size of tubing.

Dependant on the tubing maximum flow rates of 150, 460, 960 or 1600 ml/min can be achieved.

How to load BZ25 peristaltic pump head on drive

Ordering online

BZ series Peristaltic Pump Head

You can now order the BZ series Peristaltic Pump Head on our ecommerce website.

£155.00 +VAT

Model numbers

  • BZ15-13-A
  • BZ15-13-B
  • BZ15-13-C
  • BZ15-13-D
  • BZ25-13-B

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