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Longer DG Series Low Flow Multi Channel Pump Head

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  • Up to 12 channel pump head
  • Spring or Ratchet Cartridge
  • For low flow rates

The Longer DG series of pump head is ideal for low flow dispensing.

Dependant on tubing used maximum flow rates vary from 2, 8, 28 and 48 ml/min.

The DG series can be ordered for single channel use, options for 2, 4, 6, 8 or 12 channels can also be ordered.

Cartridges for the DG series are either a spring style or ratchet style. Spring styles can adjust occlusion automatically to accept several different tubing wall thicknesses. Ratchet cartridges can adjust the occlusion by adjusting the ratchet position, this allows for several different tubing wall thicknesses to be used.

How to load tubing on the DG series peristaltic pump head

Ordering online

DG series Peristaltic Pump Head

You can now order the DG series Peristaltic Pump Head on our ecommerce website. They can be ordered for 1, 2, 4, 6, 8 or 12 channel use.

From £210.00 +VAT

Useful articles

Model numbers

  • DG-1-A/C
  • DG-1-B/D
  • DG-1-E/G
  • DG-1-F/H
  • DG-2-A/C
  • DG-2-B/D
  • DG-2-E/G
  • DG-2-F/H
  • DG-4-A/C
  • DG-4-B/D
  • DG-4-E/G
  • DG-4-F/H
  • DG-6-A/C
  • DG-6-B/D
  • DG-6-E/G
  • DG-6-F/H
  • DG-8-A/C
  • DG-8-B/D
  • DG-8-E/G
  • DG-8-F/H
  • DG-12-A/C
  • DG-12-B/D
  • DG-12-E/G
  • DG-12-F/H

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