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Longer DMD15-13 Low Pulse Pump Head

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  • Designed for high precision, low pulse and small volume dispensing
  • Full scale flow rates from 0.0013 ml/min up to 2070 ml/min

The Longer DMD15-13 pump head is compact, for high precision and small volume dispensing. The special tubing assembly offers a low pulse and highly accurate fluid delivery.

Dependant on tubing size used, full scale flow rates from 0.0013 ml/min up to 2070 ml/min

Ordering online

DMD15-13 Low Flow Pump Head

You can now order the DMD15-13 Low Flow Pump Head on our ecommerce website. Select whether you need PESU or PPS housing material.

From £222.00 +VAT

Other features

  • Available with either PESU or PPS housing material

Model numbers

  • DMD15-13-B
  • DMD15-13-D

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