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Longer YZ35-13 Industrial Pump Head

yz35-13.jpg yz35_tubing_reference_and_flow_rate_curve.jpg
  • For industrial applications
  • Continuous tubing or tubing with fittings
  • Occlusion Adjustment
  • Flow rates up to 11000 ml/min

The Longer YZ35-13 pump head is primarily for industrial type applications.

It can be used with both continuous tubing or tubing with fittings.

Occlusion can be adjusted to increase or decrease via the control knob on top of the pump head.

Maximum flow rates are 11000 ml/min

YZ35 peristaltic pump head installation

Model numbers

  • YZ35-13-A
  • YZ35-13-B
yz35-13.jpg yz35_tubing_reference_and_flow_rate_curve.jpg

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