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Laboratory Syringe Pumps

Our Longer Pumps range of Syringe pumps are mainly for laboratory or OEM use.

The laboratory range of syringe pumps are available to infuse or withdraw liquids with syringe sizes from as little as 1 μL up to 100 ml.

Programming options allow for complex infusion or withdrawal processes and can include stepped functions, constant or ramped speed as well as a trigger dispense or periodic dispense.

Output signals from the pumps can show when a process has started or stopped as well as the direction. Further communication protocols can exist over RS232 or RS485.

A high pressure syringe pump allows for a linear force greater than 450N.

OEM syringe pumps allow for single and multi-channel applications.

The two types of Syringe Pumps available from Longer

Separated controller and Drive Unit Syringe Pump

Separated controller and Drive Unit Syringe Pump
  • Compact drive unit for hand-held use or to be mounted on the lab bracket
  • One controller can control up to 4 drive units. Each drive unit may have independent parameters
  • High precision (Linear travel accuracy ≤±0.5%)

Integrated Controller and Drive Unit Syringe Pump

Integrated controller and Drive Unit Syringe Pump
  • The controller is integrated with the drive unit
  • Up to 10 channels, all move synchronously
  • High precision (Linear travel accuracy ≤±0.5%)

Working principle of the Syringe Pump - Video demonstration

Syringe pumps are able to both draw in (withdrawal) or push out (infusion) a liquid through a syringe. The volume of the liquid will be based on the size of the syringe and the method of the withdrawal or infusion will be based on the syringe pump used.

Fluid ejects at a very accurate rate when used in infusion mode. The pusher block on the syringe pump pushes against the plunger on the syringe.

When the syringe pump us used in withdrawal mode, the pusher block moves in the opposite director so that the syringe plunger is pulled and draws fluid into the syringe.

Configuration of the syringe pump

The Configuration of a Laboratory Syringe Pump

The type of syringe pump can be selected dependant on the process and application. A simple syringe pump can dispense a given volume over a set period of time. Programming options allow for complex infusion or withdrawal processes and can include stepped functions, constant or ramped speed as well as a trigger dispense or periodic dispense.

Many different syringe types exist dependant on your volume or material. Smaller volumes use glass syringes where as larger volumes use both plastic or stainless steel syringes. Stainless steel syringe’s offer both Viton or Perfluoro seals as well as being for use with higher process pressures.

Useful 'How To' videos

How to operate the dLSP 501X Digital Split type Syringe Pump.

How to load the dLSP 500 Syringe Pump.

A video demonstrating the No Syringe Alar.

A demo of the dLSP 500 Syringe Pump.

A video demonstrating the dLSP 500 Syringe Pump Block Alarm.

A video demonstrating the dLSP500 Digital Lab Syringe Pump Leakage Alarm.

How to install the valve and syringe to the MSP1 CX industrial syringe pump.

The Advantages of using Syringe Pumps by Longer

Easy to define the total volume of fluid required and the time to deliver

Different syringe sizes are available dependant on the volume of fluid that is required to either be infused or withdrawn. The user can then easily programme into the pump the size of the syringe along with the desired delivery time.

High pressure delivery

Dependant on the maximum linear force that the syringe pump is able to provide will allow for the pump to either infuse or withdraw fluids in high pressure applications and processes.

Constant mean flow rate

The plunger can be set for a continuous movement, allowing for the flow rate of the fluid to be dispensed or withdrawn to remain constant.

Different syringe sizes can be used offering versatility for the process

Longer pumps range of syringe pumps offer syringe’s made from plastic, glass or stainless steel. Typical sizes available are from as little as 5 uL up to 50mL.

The Longer Advantage

  • Delivers precise and smooth flow, ideal for research applications
  • Linear travel accuracy better than ±0.5%
  • The minimum micro step is 0.03125 µm
  • Separate controller and drive unit, the drive units are light weight and are ideal for hand-held or stereotaxic injection applications
  • Wide range of flow rate: 0.024nL/min-150.56mL/min
  • Different syringe material options available for various processes and applications including: plastic, glass and stainless steel
  • Multi-channel models available, allowing up to 10 channels
  • Programmable syringe pumps are ideal for programming simple to complex processes with or without a PC
  • Remote pump control and PC control are available as an option

Typical Syringe Pump Applications

  • Electrospinning
  • Cell culture
  • Cellular injection
  • Drug delivery
  • Microfluidics
  • Nutritional studies
  • Stereotaxic injections
  • Titrations
  • Toxicology Studies
  • Micro dialysis

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