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Longer dLSP 500 Series Digital Lab Syringe Pump

  • 3 Year Warranty
  • High precision and stable fluid delivery
  • User access control and log record for safety management, meeting FDA (21CFR Part 11) audit trail requirements (Pro models)
  • 7” inch full touch screen
  • Ethernet and wireless (Wifi/Bluetooth) communication

The dLSP 500 series of digital lab syringe pump is the latest in innovation from the Halma owned Longer precision pump company.

Offering the latest technology, high specification and intuitive touch screen display with excellent user experience, the digital syringe pump is built for the modern connected laboratory.

All models offer various operation modes including infusion only, withdrawal only, infusion/withdrawal, withdrawal/infusion, auto repeated or programming via the dedicated PC software. Each model is available with either a single (dLSP 500) or dual channel (dLSP520).

Standard models: offer a pusher advance per microstep of 0.03255µm/µstep with a linear speed of 0.0833µm/min-180mm/min.

Pro models: offer a reduced pusher advance per microstep of 0.015625µm/µstep and a linear speed range of 0.04µm/min-86.4mm/min.

Linear travel accuracy is rated at ±0.5% for the standard model.

The digital lab syringe pump can be controlled via the optional RS485 protocol, USB-B, USB-A cable, Wifi, Bluetooth, Ethernet or via a dedicated footswitch. Control will allow for various parameters to be set, including constant, ramp, loop, delay, repeat, 1/0 output trigger, 1/0 event input trigger or via a touch screen trigger.

Input and output options include 3 outputs- solid state relay signal, 2 inputs-switch signal or TTL signal as well as an optional 4-20mA signal.

Useful 'How To' videos

How to operate the dLSP 501X Digital Split type Syringe Pump.

How to load the dLSP 500 Syringe Pump.

A video demonstrating the No Syringe Alar.

A demo of the dLSP 500 Syringe Pump.

A video demonstrating the dLSP 500 Syringe Pump Block Alarm.

A video demonstrating the dLSP500 Digital Lab Syringe Pump Leakage Alarm.

How to install the valve and syringe to the MSP1 CX industrial syringe pump.


Common process applications and industrial uses include:

  • Microfluidic and electrospinning
  • Laboratory

Model numbers

  • dLSP 510
  • dLSP 520
  • dLSP 510 (Pro)
  • dLSP 520 (Pro)


The Longer dLSP 500 Series Digital Lab Syringe Pump is widely used in the following industries:

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