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Longer TJ-3A & TS-1B Syringe Pump Controller

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  • Separate controller and drive unit
  • Single or up to four channels (drive units)
  • Set point input signal and digital comms available

The W0109-1B drive unit can be controlled either via the single channel TJ-3A controller or the multi-channel TS-1B-B controller, allowing up to four drive units to be controlled.

Both controllers allow for built-in syringe branches, sizes and IDs to be selected and can store up to four user defined syringe IDs.

The run programme on the controller allows for programmable parameters of dispensing volume, flow rate as well linear speed. Each drive unit can either be controlled individually, simultaneously or dependant on a specific drive programme.

The stroke of the drive unit is 90mm, with a pusher advance per miscrostep of 0.165μm.

Drive units have a linear speed resolution of 7.94μm/min with a linear travel accuracy of ≤ ±0.5% when travel ≥30% of drive unit stroke. The Maximum linear force is > 90N.

The drive units can be used with syringe sizes of 1/2/5/10/20/30 or 60mL with flow rates from as little as 0.139 μL/min up to 52 mL/min.


  • Laboratorial

Other features

  • 2 output signals (OC gate signal) to indicate start/stop and direction
  • 3 input signals (TTL signal) to control start/stop, fast forward and fast backward
  • RS485 communications
  • 90 - 260 VAC supply (10W or 40W, model dependant)

Model numbers

  • TJ-3A
  • TS-1B
  • TS-1B-B
  • W0109-1B
ts-1b.jpg tj-3a.jpg

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