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Range of tubing products for pumps

BioSilicone Tubing

  • Laboratory Platinum Cured Pump Silicone
  • Certified: USP Class VI and FDA 21 CFR 177.2600, Complies with REACH and RoHS requirements
  • GMP Guidelines: Double bagged, Lot traceable and accompanied by validation documentation

Peristaltic Pump Silicone

  • Sanitary Platinum Cured Pump Silicone
  • Documented: Biocompatibility to ISO 10993 standard

Longer Platinum Cured Silicone characteristics and performance

  • Pump Pressure: Peristaltic pump max 2bar and 1bar continuous
  • Ultra-Smooth: Inner Bore (ID) 3x smoother and the Hydrophobic surface gives improved fluid flow and particle entrapment
  • Temperature Range: -30c to +250c
  • Sterilization: designed for single use applications but can be repeatedly autoclaved and ultraviolet
  • Precision Extruded: tight tolerances for high repeatability and accuracy for filling, dispensing and dosing

Applications: BioTech, Pharmaceutical, Food and Peristaltic Pump applications (Vaccine Filling, Ultrafiltration & Concentration, IVD Reagent Dispensing & Filling, Fermentation Control, Media Filling & Adding, Buffer Transfer, Oral Liquids, Saline Transfer)

  • Better clarity than peroxide-cured tubing
  • Odourless, Nontoxic, Translucent
  • Smooth surfaces; lower protein binding levels
  • Fewer potential leachables and extractables
  • Strong restitutional resilience
  • Excellent Heat Resistance
  • Low permeability
  • High performance; wear resistance / peristaltic pump life
  • Low Compression Set

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