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Consultation for choosing the correct peristaltic pump, head and tubing is free of charge

Selecting the right peristaltic pump tubing can be a challenging task but we are here to make it easy. Just contact us and we will do the heavy lifting for you. As an independent distributor we have access to multiple peristaltic pump tubing suppliers rather than being one and can select the optimal solution for your application. Peristaltic pump consultation is completely free of charge.

Range of tubing products for pumps

BioSilicone Tubing

  • Laboratory Platinum Cured Pump Silicone
  • Certified: USP Class VI and FDA 21 CFR 177.2600, Complies with REACH and RoHS requirements
  • GMP Guidelines: Double bagged, Lot traceable and accompanied by validation documentation

Peristaltic Pump Silicone

  • Sanitary Platinum Cured Pump Silicone
  • Documented: Biocompatibility to ISO 10993 standard

Longer Platinum Cured Silicone characteristics and performance

  • Pump Pressure: Peristaltic pump max 2bar and 1bar continuous
  • Ultra-Smooth: Inner Bore (ID) 3x smoother and the Hydrophobic surface gives improved fluid flow and particle entrapment
  • Temperature Range: -30c to +250c
  • Sterilization: designed for single use applications but can be repeatedly autoclaved and ultraviolet
  • Precision Extruded: tight tolerances for high repeatability and accuracy for filling, dispensing and dosing

Applications: BioTech, Pharmaceutical, Food and Peristaltic Pump applications (Vaccine Filling, Ultrafiltration & Concentration, IVD Reagent Dispensing & Filling, Fermentation Control, Media Filling & Adding, Buffer Transfer, Oral Liquids, Saline Transfer)

  • Better clarity than peroxide-cured tubing
  • Odourless, Nontoxic, Translucent
  • Smooth surfaces; lower protein binding levels
  • Fewer potential leachables and extractables
  • Strong restitutional resilience
  • Excellent Heat Resistance
  • Low permeability
  • High performance; wear resistance / peristaltic pump life
  • Low Compression Set

Useful article

We have produced an guide which will help you decide on the best Tubing for your application.

However, please do get in touch if you need any assistance.

Useful 'How To' videos

How to load tubing assemblies to the GPH peristaltic pump head.

How to load Pharmed Tubing Kit on the KZ10 24 A Pump Head.

How to load tubing assemblies to the LPH peristaltic pump head.

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