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BioSilicone Tubing

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  • USP Class VI Certified
  • FDA regulations 21 CFR 177.2600 Certified
  • NSF 51 Certified

BioSilicone™ high performance silicone tubing is based on Longer Pumps years of research and application experience in fluid transfer and process technology with their range of peristaltic pumps. It is constructed of refined silicone polymer and has high transparency, good wear resistance, low permeability, strong restitution resilience, and is not easy to deform after compression, which is the optimal tubing for peristaltic pumping applications.

The high performance silicone tubing is specially designed and manufactured for GMP pharmaceutical process. And can be widely used in life sciences, medical equipment, food and beverage and other applications.

Certifications include USP Class VI, FDA regulation 21 CFR 177.2600 and NSF 51, as well as complying with RoHS and REACH requirements.

Ordering online

BioSilicone Tubing

You can order this BioSilicone tubing on our ecommerce website. Simply select the tubing size and the number of 15 meter length boxes you require.

Free Delivery on all Tubing Orders placed online under £50

From £40.00 +VAT per 15 meter length box.


  • Fermentation control
  • OraI liquids filling
  • Vaccine filling
  • Buffer transfer
  • Saline transfer
  • Media addition
  • Ultra filtration and concentration
  • IVD reagent dispensing and filling
  • Media filling
  • Coolant transfer

Other features

  • Temperature range: -30°C to 250°C
  • Can be sterilized repeatedly by high temperature and ultraviolet.

Model numbers

  • 50.50.741
  • 50.50.742
  • 50.50.743
  • 50.50.744
  • 50.50.745
  • 50.50.746
  • 50.50.747
  • 50.50.748
  • 50.50.749
  • 50.50.750
  • 50.50.751
  • 50.50.752
  • 50.50.753
  • 50.50.754
  • 50.50.755
  • 50.50.756


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