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Valveless Piston Pump

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Video explanation: How FMI Valveless Metering Pumps work

Advantages of a valveless piston pump:

  • There are no valves to service, leak, hang up, or clog.
  • Features only one moving part.
  • Equipped with ceramic internals.
  • Ensures drift-free operation.
  • Offers precision dispensing with a variation coefficient of -0.5%.
  • Flow rates range from microliters to 2.3 liters/min.
  • Provides positive displacement up to 6.9 barg.
  • Capable of self-priming up to 4.5 meters.
  • Features instant reversibility.
  • The fluid path is inert, made of ceramic and fluorocarbon.
  • Performance is viscosity independent.
  • Comes with a wide selection of drives.

Fluid Metering Inc. has been a leading manufacturer of metering pumps and dispensers for over 60 years in the USA, having introduced the first valveless rotating and reciprocating piston metering pump. Over time, FMI's metering pumps have been refined and remain a benchmark for accuracy, precision, and durability in the industry.

These pumps are crucial in sectors like medical, laboratory, pharmaceutical, electronics and food, where reliability, repeatability, and adaptability are paramount.

Dispensing consistency is gauged by both accuracy and precision. Accuracy measures how close the average dispense volume is to the target value. FMI’s CeramPump® consistently achieves an accuracy better than 1% and a repeatability of less than 0.5% for millions of cycles without recalibration.

Their capacities span from microliters per hour to 2,300 ml/min with discharge pressures reaching 6.9 bar. The modular design facilitates easy cleaning and adaptation for various fluids and viscosities. Their valveless design minimizes risks of clogs or leaks, and they can be instantly reversed. Their operation ensures minimal drift from set points, and they come in a variety of materials, offering a range of drives and controllers.

Fluidic pumps serve a myriad of markets and applications, designed for accuracy, precision, and adaptability. We work closely with engineers to devise solutions tailored to specific needs.

The valveless pumping mechanism is achieved through the synchronous movement of the ceramic piston within the perfectly matched ceramic cylinder liner. Each suction/discharge cycle requires one full piston revolution.

Flow rate adjustments made simple:

  • Adjusting the pump head position alters the piston stroke length, thus changing the flow rate.
  • Allows for infinite fine-tuning between 0-100% flow rate.
  • An indicator ensures accurate and straightforward linear calibration.
  • Flow rate modifications can be made while the pump is active or stationary.

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