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BLDC Valveless Waste Transfer Pump

  • Wide flow rate range from 0.192ml/min up to 2560ml/min
  • Maximum outlet pressure of 60 psi (4 Bar)
  • Ideal for dialysis equipment, analytical instruments and clinical analysers


The BLDC pump is a valveless waste transfer pump that is ideal for OEM and medical equipment applications. It features a 24V brushless DC motor without requiring an additional driver. The pump speed ranges from 6 to 2000rpm on a clockwise rotation and is capable of providing a flow rate as low as 0.192ml/min and up to 2560 ml/min.

Suitable for a majority of medical applications, the valveless fluid control features only one moving part of the fluid path and the inert fluid paths enables maximum chemical compatibility. Internal components are sapphire-hard and constructed from dimensionally stable ceramic. Long pump life is guaranteed as it maintains calibration precision of 1% for millions of maintenance-free cycles.

Operating pressures and temperatures

Operating pressures for the pump range between 0 and 200 psig (0 to 13.79 bar). Maximum pump pressure rating is 60 psi on the outlet or 4 bar but it can withstand pressure spikes of up to 102 psi (7 bar) for approximately 10 seconds. A wide temperature range of between -20°C and 60°C allows for use within multiple different industries.

Key Pump specifications

DIMENSIONS6" x 2" x 2" (152mm x 51mm x 51mm)
CALIBRATED FLOW RATEPump can be calibrated 20-400mL/min
PUMP PRESSURE RATING60psi (4 Bar) max on outlet
Pressure spikes up to approx. 102psi (7 Bar) for a maximum of 10 seconds
MOTOR SPEEDMotor speed set to approximately 2000rpm
MOTOR DIRECTIONMotor direction set to clockwise rotation

Key Motor/Drive specifications

RATED CURRENT0.75/0.88amps (Motor/Driver)
CONTROL MODESquare Wave Control

A video animation showing FMI Valveless Piston Pumps work

Useful 'How To' videos

Video demonstration of the BLDC pump.

Fluid Presentation Video.

"One Pump Does It All" Rinse - Aspirate - Sample - Dispense - Dilute.

One Pump Does it All - Aspirate, Dispense and Flush.

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Other features

  • Operating Pressure Range (Bar): 0-13.79
  • Dispense Volume Range: 0.032-1.28 mL/rev.*
  • MIN Dispense Volume: 4 (Spikes up to7 for a Maximum of 10 Seconds)
  • Motor Speed Range: 6-2000 rpm*
  • Flow Rate Range: 0.192-2560 mL/min*
  • Motor Type: 24V DC
  • Flow Rate Adjustment Range: From 20 mL / Min to 400 mL / Min

*Dependent on pump head choice and application


The BLDC Valveless Waste Transfer Pump is widely used in the following industries:

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