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FMI QBLDC150 Series Direct Current Pump

  • Fluid temperature range between –20 and 177°C
  • Maximum flow rate of up 192ml/min
  • Multi-position tilt stand for easy wall or counter mounting

The QBLDC150 series from Fluid Metering Inc is a pump designed for use with industrial and general laboratory applications and is fitted with a rugged BLDC motor.

Flow rate

It can deliver flow rates of between 0.45 and 192 ml/min dependent on the pump head and offering infinitely adjust the flow rate in either direction.

Materials and certifications

Inside the pump the ball bearing gear motor is fan cooled and thermally protected to ensure a long-lasting life and reduce maintenance. The CeramPump valveless piston design causes minimal wear as there is only one moving part inside the fluid path. Pump heads are also available with optional wash glands.

Fluorocarbon and ceramic are the standard wetted materials that are used during manufacturing. It has been UL and CE approved as well as being RoHS compliant. An IP rating of IP20 has also been given to the pump.

Temperature and Pressure

Operating pressures vary dependent on pump head selection and ratings are available up to 7 bar. Fluid temperature ratings are also variable dependent on pump head selection with the maximum being 177°C.

Other features

  • Environmental temperature should be between –20 and 85°C
  • Pump speed is set at 150 RPM
  • Supply voltage is 115 VAC (60 Hz) @ 0.5A

Model numbers

  • QBLDC150
  • QBLDC150-Q1STY
  • QBLDC150-Q3CSC
  • QBLDC150-Q3CTC
  • QBLDC150-Q3CKC
  • QBLDC150-Q2CTC
  • QBLDC150-Q2SAN
  • QBLDC150-Q2SSY
  • QBLDC150-Q2SKY
  • QBLDC150-Q2CSY
  • QBLDC150-Q2CSC
  • QBLDC150-Q2CKY
  • QBLDC150-Q2CKC
  • QBLDC150-Q1CTC
  • QBLDC150-Q1SAN
  • QBLDC150-Q1SSY
  • QBLDC150-Q1SKY
  • QBLDC150-Q1CSY
  • QBLDC150-Q1CSC
  • QBLDC150-Q1CKY
  • QBLDC150-Q1CKC
  • QBLDC150-Q0SSY
  • QBLDC150-RH00SKY
  • QBLDC150-RH00STY
  • QBLDC150-RH00ZKC
  • QBLDC150-RH00ZTC

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