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FMI QV Series Variable Speed Pump

  • Bi-directional flow that can be infinitely adjusted down to 0 from the maximum
  • Thermally protected ball bearing gear motor
  • Easily mountable with multi-position stand

The QV series from Fluid Metering Inc is a pump drive module that ensures exceptional reliability while still giving precise accurate flow rates. A ball bearing gear motor powers the pump and is able to reach speeds of up to 1800rpm. It is fan-cooled and thermally protected to give a long-lasting service life.

Flow rate

The flow rate is infinitely adjustable from maximum flow of up to 2300 mL/min down to 0 flow in both directions.


Standard wettied materials used during manufacturing are ceramic and fluorocarbon. A multi-position tilt stand which allows for both wall and counter mounts is fitted to allow for use in a variety of locations. The input power supply needed is 100-240V AC.

QV Series is adjustable from 5 - 50 strokes per minute for QVG50 and 90 - 1800 strokes per minute for the QV, Q2V and RHV.

Q2V Ratio-Matic® duplex for proportional metering using a single drive with two pump heads which reduces pulsation by 50%.

Other features

Dimensions are 254mm x 117mm x 124mm for the QV and 279mm x 127mm x 146mm for the QVG50 (without pump head).

QV weight is 4.5KG, V300 weight is 2.25 Kg, QVG50 weight is 4.5 KG (without pump head).

Model numbers

  • QV
  • QVG50
  • Q2V
  • RHV
  • QV-Q3CSC
  • QV-Q3CTC
  • QV-Q3CKC
  • QV-Q2CTC
  • QV-Q2SAN
  • QV-Q2STY
  • QV-Q2SSY
  • QV-Q2SKY
  • QV-Q2CSY
  • QV-Q2CSC
  • QV-Q2CKY
  • QV-Q2CKC
  • QV-Q1CTC
  • QV-Q1SAN
  • QV-Q1STY
  • QV-Q1SSY
  • QV-Q1SKY
  • QV-Q1CSY
  • QV-Q1CSC
  • QV-Q1CKY
  • QV-Q1CKC
  • QV-Q0SSY
  • QV-RH00ZKC
  • QV-RH00SKY
  • QV-RH00STY
  • QV-RH00ZTC

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