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FMI RHB Series Direct Current Pump

  • Low flow pump operating from 7.8ml/min to 260ml/min
  • Maximum pressure for the device is 100psig (6.9 bar)
  • Adjustable stroke length and stroke rate

The RHB series from Fluid Metering Inc is a direct current pump which is commonly used in low flow applications such as mosquito control, medical applications and hydrogen fuel cell research. An extended motor shaft can be combined with an FMI HES/PRS rotational sensor or another rotational sensor.

Dispensing resolution

Dispensing resolution has a range of 0.003ml/rev up to 0.05ml/rev.

Flow rate

The RHB can produce a flow rate range of between 7.8 and 260ml/min.

The motor has a maximum speed of 2600 rpm and features mechanical stroke length adjustment as well as control over the stroke rate by changing voltage. A power supply of 12 V DC is required and a maximum current going through the pump of 4 A.

The maximum operating pressure of the pump is 100psig (6.9 bar) with a fluid operating temperature of 100°C when used with Ceramic and PVDF wetted materials. RHB series is also available with 316 SS/PVDF/Carbon wetted materials reducing the maximum operating temperature to 60°C.

Other features

Dimensions are 203mm x 76mm x 76mm (without pump head).

RHB weight is 3.15KG (without pump head).

Model numbers

  • RHB00SKY
  • RHB00ZKC
  • RHB00ZTC


The FMI RHB Series Direct Current Pump is widely used in the following industries:

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