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Loop and Power Isolators

Our range of isolators from Status Instruments are available in four different options and can convert or isolate many different types of common process signals.

The SEM1000 is a ground loop isolator which offers galvanic isolation and the output is powered from the input loop.

SEM1010 is a power isolator and is able to provide isolated power for a transmitter whilst being offering galvanic isolation.

SEM1015 is a loop powered voltage to current convertor / isolator, it can accept a DC voltage input whilst offering a loop powered 4 – 20 mA output signal.

The Status SEM1603i is a loop isolator / converter which can offer signal inversion whilst prividing extra drive for an existing loop.

All four isolators are compact in design and offer a DIN rail mount, wiring connection is via captive clamp screws. Some models offer zero and span adjustment vie a screw terminal.

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