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Data Track T331 Universal Input PID controller

Data Track T331 Universal Input PID controller
  • Universal input T/C, RTD, mA, mV, V & Potentiometer
  • Advanced PID Heat/Cool control with auto-tune
  • 1 x N/O relay output and 1 x TTL/SSR logic drive

The T331 series is a universal input PID controller for DIN rail mounting and accepts a variety of temperature inputs. It measures thermocouples (14 Types), RTD (4 Types), 100mV, 10V, 20mA and potentiometers.

The T331 series offers partial load failure and load monitoring function.

T331 series are fully isolated to eliminate ground loop noise and inaccuracy and offer a comprehensive range of process alarm features.

RS485 communications is standard across all T331 series signal conditioners.

T331 series can either be powered via a 90 – 256 VAC supply or a 24 VDC / VAC supply.

Other features

  • Optional 2 x relays with normally open contacts (Replaces SSR output)
  • Optional 4 x change over relay contacts and 2 logic inputs
  • Optional 3 x change over relay, 1 x TTL O/P + 2 logic inputs
  • Optional 4 x TTL Outputs and 2 logic inputs
Data Track T331 Universal Input PID controller

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