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Status Medacs MED2300 Signal Conditioner

  • Frequency Input
  • Current and Relay Output Choices
  • 4 Digit Display
  • RS485 Modbus Output

The Status Medacs 2300 series is a frequency input intelligent single channel signal converter which is DIN rail mounted. It accepts most common frequency inputs in the range of 0.1 Hz to 20 kHz including mV, NAMUR, TTL, NPN and PNP.

Outputs include either single or dual channel mA (active or passive), 2 x 48 VAC @ 1A C/O or N/C relays or 4 x 48 VAC @ 1A N/C relays.

The single channel unit has a built in keypad and display. All functions can be entered via the keypad or the standard RS485 communications interface.

Each unit comes complete with a RS485 serial communications port which enables the devices to be integrated into a complete process control system.

The functionality is further enhanced by our Transfer Function Module Library (TFML) software option which enables MEDACS to perform maths functions between inputs and outputs. These can be PID Control, tank linearisation curves, signal accumulators, max and min data logging etc.

The Medacs MED 2300 is powered via a 24 VDC supply.

Other features

  • User offset and linearisation functions
  • Remote reset

Status Medacs MED2300 Signal Conditioner

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