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Status SEM1600B Signal Conditioner

  • Accepts Up To 4 Load Cells in Parallel
  • Current (Active or Passive), Voltage or Bipolar Voltage Output
  • Powered (10 to 32) V AC / (10 to 48) V DC Supply

The Status SEM1600B is a Load Cell signal conditioner which accepts up to 4 in parallel.

It can be powered either with a 10 – 32 VAC supply or 10 – 48 DC supply.

Offering either active or passive mA outputs as well as voltage or Bi-Polar voltage outputs it is the perfect solution for a DIN Rail mountable load cell transmitter.

Connecting your SEM 1600B to the Status software via the USB configuration allows for calibration; together with a simple to use menu driven software configuration tool, allowing the user to take advantage of the product’s comprehensive specification.

Other features

  • Sensor offset and output alignment
  • Adjustable input filter
  • Loop powered output.

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