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Status SEM1600T Signal Conditioner

  • Suitable for Temperature and Potentiometer Input
  • Current (Active or Passive), Voltage Or Bipolar Voltage Output
  • Powered ( 10 to 32) V AC / (10 to 48) V DC Supply

The Status SEM1600T is a signal conditioner for temperature and slidewire sensors as it accepts inputs from RTD, Thermocouples and Potentiometer’s.

It can be powered either with a 10 – 32 VAC supply or 10 – 48 DC supply.

Offering either active or passive mA outputs as well as voltage or Bi-Polar voltage outputs it is the perfect solution for DIN Rail mountable temperature transmission.

Connecting you SEM 1600T to the free to use Status software via the USB configuration allows for your own 22 point linerisation characteristic (for slidewire, linear resistance or mV).

Other features

  • Sensor offset and output alignment.
  • Adjustable input filter.
  • During configuration it is powered via the USB interface from your PC.

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